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Shooting, Fishing and Riding in Ireland
Irish Country Life Holidays specialises in shooting, fishing, riding, walking
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Hunting in Hungary I.
Hunting in Hungary I.


Coot huntingHunting > Coot

(Anas platyrhynchos)

Hunting Season

1st September – 31st January

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Teal Hunting

Have you ever thought about hunting coots?
To be honest, most hunters never even consider bagging one and bringing it home, even though they are readily available on many Hungarian waters. The applied hunting methods are similar to the mallard hunting. Coots, while listed in the waterfowl regulations, are more related to shorebirds than ducks. While they are closely associated with waterfowl because they use the same habitats, the reality is they are not ducks.
From naturally bred mallards, teals, goldeneyes and coots, 8 pieces can be bagged daily by each hunter. Captive-bred mallards can be shot without daily limitation.

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Physical Description

The Coot is 36–42 cm long, and is largely black except for the white facial shield. As a swimming species, the Coot has partial webbing on its long strong toes. This is a noisy bird with a wide repertoire of crackling, explosive, or trumpeting calls, often given at night.

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